24 Hours in Belfast

Here’s your perfect itinerary for spending 24 hours in Belfast

How to spend 24 hours in Belfast

Here is how to spend 24 hours in Belfast. Belfast is Northern Ireland’s capital city. It was the birthplace of the RMS Titanic, which famously struck an iceberg and sank in 1912. This legacy is recalled in the renovated dockyards’ Titanic Quarter, which includes the Titanic Belfast, an aluminum-clad museum reminiscent of a ship’s hull, as well as shipbuilder Harland & Wolff’s Drawing Offices and the Titanic Slipways,

 which now host open-air concerts. Belfast city is home to some of the most popular attractions, Sightseeing, and unique visitor experiences in the whole of Ireland North and South. Here’s how to get the most out of one day in the city

Belfast City Sightseeing Tour

Belfast City Hall – Photo taking by (Dimitry – Anikin)


Start your morning in Belfast the right way with a traditional Ulster Fry, Considered to be the ultimate breakfast food in Northern Ireland. The Ulster fry owes its existence to the tourism ‘boom’ on the British Isles in the 1960s. 

Today it is considered to be one of Northern Ireland’s most popular breakfast choices. This famous breakfast dish consists of sausages, bacon, fried eggs,  mushrooms, tomatoes, potato bread, and soda bread all fried until golden and crispy. This hearty breakfast is best accompanied by a cup of hot tea or Irish coffee.

After your breakfast, you can begin exploring the city with a visit to the Queen’s quarter here you will find Queen’s University and Ulster Museum. You could easily spend most of the day browsing its state-of-the-art exhibits, but limit yourself to 90 minutes and be sure to visit the Armada Room. 

This section of the museum hosts artifacts retrieved from the 1588 wreck of the Spanish galleon Girona, the 2500-year-old Egyptian mummy of Princess Takabuti (unwrapped in Belfast in 1835), and the bronze Bann Disc, a superb example of Iron Age Celtic design.

Belfast Political and Mural Tour

Belfast Peace Wall – Peace line – 24 Hours in Belfast

Continue your 24 hours in Belfast with a Belfast political and Murals tour. Learn about the history of the Troubles. A 1.5-hour tour of West Belfast (you can arrange free pick up anywhere in Belfast city center). This neighborhood provides a window into the past when religious tensions tore the city apart. on this west Belfast tour, visitors will find political murals, memorials, and the infamous Peace Line.

The first peace wall was built in 1969, following the outbreak of the 1969 Northern Ireland riots and “the Troubles”. They were built as temporary structures meant to last only six months, but due to their effective nature, they have become wider, longer, and more permanent. 

Originally few in number, they have multiplied over the years, from 18 in the early 1990s to 48 today; in total, they stretch over 21 miles (34 km), with most located in Belfast. They have been increased in both height and number since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

Communities separated by a wall up to 6 meters high. gates along its length that are still locked at night; and artwork painted on either side that talks of harmony but with messages of revenge or oppression. The streets may be quiet these days, the sounds of gunshots or bombs silenced, but the streets are still divided.

Don’t forget to stop at the international wall while you are there.

The “International Wall” sits close to Cupar Way on the Falls side and includes some murals on political themes, environmental issues and features famous world figures. Importantly this wall still has a mural painted by two artists based on Picasso’s Guernica. One a Catholic, the other a Protestant these two artists come from different traditions.

There are several companies offering tours, You can book this tour from Belfast leading private tour company Belfast Tours NI

24 Hours in Belfast

Belfast international wall – 24 Hours in Belfast

Ask your tour guide to drop you at Belfast City Hall, Entering city Hall is free. A monument to the prosperity derived from Belfast’s 19th-century linen and shipbuilding industries. The gardens are littered with statues, including one of Sir Edward Harland (1831-95), mayor of Belfast and founder of the famous Harland & Wolff shipyard that built the SS Titanic.

Walk east along Chichester St where you will find Victoria Square Shopping mall. Victoria Square Shopping Centre is one of the biggest and most expensive developments in Northern Ireland. It includes both residential and commercial space, with the British department store House of Fraser as its anchor tenant. 

The square’s iconic feature is undoubtedly its glass dome that offers panoramic 360-degree views of the city. The 35-meter diameter dome has two covered, multi-level streets linking in, and an ornate Jaffee Fountain sits below the dome in what is the hub of the entire area.

From there stop for lunch in the Kitchen Bar. The Kitchen Bar is a Belfast institution dating back to 1859 it is also Unique to Victoria Squares as it is the only original pub where visitors experience a full range of drinks, home-cooked traditional food, entertainment, and great craic. The original building was a women’s boarding house prior to its use as a pub. 

The former Empire Theatre previously stood next to the pub and actors from the theatre would drink there, often leaving behind publicity photographs, which were displayed on the walls. Charlie Chaplin would often drop in for a drink after a show.


After lunch take a walk across the Lagan footbridge where you’ll find a giant ceramic sculpture of a salmon (known Locally as Bigfish) that celebrates the cleaning up of the River Lagan in the 1990s. Once you have crossed the bridge you will enter the Titanic Quarter. This once-industrial area has undergone rapid redevelopment centered on the former shipyards and quays where great ocean liners were once constructed.

Must-Visit Attractions in Northern Ireland

Titanic Quarter – 24 Hours in Belfast

No ship is more famous than the luxurious Titanic and nowhere on earth is better equipped to tell its story than the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. This 185-acre waterfront attraction is home to dozens of historical landmarks, a film studio, and the largest collection of Titanic-themed artifacts on earth.

Travelers to Titanic Quarter can venture off on historic walking tours or visit Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House for an up-close look at the old-school maritime operations. Visitors can also explore the berths of the famous Nomadic, the last remaining White Star Line ship on earth. Travelers are transported more than 100 years back in time after boarding the newly restored ship.

Extend your visit to the two slipways where the Titanic and her sister ship, Olympic, were built and launched. Nearby is the Paint Hall, once used for the painting of ship parts, today it houses Titanic Studios, which were used during the famous TV Series Game of Thrones filming.

Crown Liquor Saloon

Crown Liquor Saloon – 24 Hours in Belfast

Around 5.00 pm head back to the city center to take a rest while enjoying a pint of the (black stuff) Guinness in Belfast’s famous Crown Liquor Saloon before you head to the Crumlin Road Gaol for your evening tour. 

This 1826 fantasy beguiles the eye with every glance. Look up there’s a pressed ceiling. There to your left? Brocaded walls and patterned tiles. To the right? Smoked glass screens and stained glass windows. Not to mention gunmetal plates (once used to strike matches) and antique bells (once used to summon your next drink).

Mosaics, carved wooden swans, mirrors, a red granite bar with a heated footrest will spoil you for sodden beer mats and pokies forevermore. This temple to the art of conviviality was actually made by Italian craftsmen who were in Ireland to make Catholic churches. The owner of the Crown convinced them to do some work on the side for him.

Book your table for 8.30 pm, which gives you time to explore an evening tour of Crumlin Road Gaol first (tours start at 6 pm, Fridays and Saturdays only check times and book in advance). Crumlin Road Gaol features two imposing structures of Belfast’s criminal justice system, the Crumlin Road Gaol (Jail) and Courthouse. 

The jail opened in 1845 and the courthouse five years later, though neither has been in service since the late 1990ss. Crumlin Road Jail is the only Victorian-era prison remaining in Northern Ireland and is commonly referred to as “The Crum.”

Afterward, sample a few tipples in Belfast’s famous Cathedral Quarter where you will find an array of bars and nightlife to please everyone and finish your  24 Hours in Belfast.

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